Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have a problem with it. I should clarify... I have a problem with our nation's consumption of sugar. Sugar is not the root of all evil, but like the ocean, polar bears, cobras, and other potential dangers, it should be treated with respect. Instead, it is consumed in bulk. This bothers me due to the growth of Type II, obesity, et al. The sugar lobbyists' hand in matters also make me squeamish.

I am an individual who scrutinizes my diet and exercise, but I still have my vices. A few of these vices include:
occasional junk food (cereals, packaged garbage, "health bars", etc.)
and ethanol

I will digress for a moment to state that I am also a strict vegetarian. As a strict-vegetarian, I eat a pretty healthy diet. I chose this path due to my love of animals, but I enjoy the many health benefits that go along with it. I do not judge others in their dietary choices, but find that I am judged quite frequently. Primarily by men. Especially men who live in The South (my definition of The South includes Arizona) and who are hillbillies.

Now, back to sugar. The U.S. consumes way too much of this white powder. Sugar companies ensure that this happens. As I have mentioned, I am an over-consumer of sugar and I don't even eat junk food (processed or fast food).

For the next month (until December 12th), I will not consume any "added sugar". This includes the consumption of cookies, candy, and many other things. Sugar is even hidden in many foods, so if I do indulge in a processed snack, it will have to be well-scrutinized. I never add sugar to anything I make at home, so that will not be a problem. Additionally, chemical sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, saccharine) and sugar alternatives (agave, syrup, etc.) are a no no. Truly 'natural sugars' (i.e. fructose via eating a piece of fruit) are okay, of course. It's going to be a tough month!! Hopefully, I make it, but I may not!

Also, keep in mind that this blog will not be a daily diatribe of my day without sugar. That is just a side challenge. However, it will be my daily diatribe.

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