Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolve to Exercise for Life!!!

The gyms are packed with people who have resolved to lose weight. They arrive in shiny new shoes, gym bags, and attire. I am jealous of their enthusiasm (and new clothes), but annoyed at the space they take up. As a result, I spend the majority of January running, rollerblading, and hiking outdoors. I rest from strength training and avoid the gym until the third week of January.

I do not completely dislike these new year’s fitness fetuses. As a strong proponent of physical activity, I root for the 1% who stick with their resolution, find exercise addicting, and become life-long exercise enthusiasts. In fact, I would like to recommend two iPhone applications that may appeal to new, and seasoned, athletes.

The first application, my favorite, is RunKeeper. As a runner, I like to visually see my route and how far I ran. This application is great! It gives you verbal updates on your miles and pace. I’ve never been a runner who has kept track of my pace, at least not since high school cross-country. That’s a bad thing, but now that I do know my pace, I push myself accordingly. This application also allows for a “street team." This is a group of friends who provide motivation and support. You don’t want to skip a work out that your friends will know about. Lastly, you can track hikes, bikes, skates, and even your gym work-outs, as well as notes (kind of like a runner’s log). You will find yourself working out harder and longer, in order to see that increase in your monthly miles!

The other application is Lose It. While the name and icon (a scale) imply that it’s a weight loss application, it is useful to keep track of your work outs and nutritional intake, in general. Almost every device and dietary guideline largely overestimate a person’s caloric needs. What impresses me about this application is that it accurately estimates a person’s daily caloric intake.

See you on the streets!

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  1. RunKeeper has really been motivating me to exercise. I like it.