Monday, January 18, 2010

Where the West Went Wrong

The Western diet is a nutritional calamity. It began with racism that stems from the days of European settlement in the United States. White immigrants wanted to disassociate themselves with any non-european immigrants. This began with food. All of the non-european immigrants’ meals were plant based and any meat involved was incorporated as a mere seasoning. Furthermore, their meals consisted of stews or a blend of ingredients. Thus began the racist westerners’ creepy concoction of a hunk of meat with a side of starch.1

Back when eighty-percent of the United States were farmers and physically active twelve hours of the day, this diet wasn’t that detrimental; unfortunately, this is no longer the case and we grow larger by the decade. Even worse, this diet has spread to fast, easy meals known as fast food. Fast food then expanded to formerly healthy countries whose citizens are now expanding.

What should we eat instead? For some reason, this is a common question. If meat is not the center of my plate, what on earth will I eat?! The answer is vegetables, legumes, or anything that grows from the ground. My recommendation for the novice plant eater is to throw out all of your cookbooks and buy some ethnic cookbooks. Basically, if you cook an ethnic, non-western meal, you can’t go wrong. Cook a Western meal and you will fail, then get fat, fast.

We are a nation that is in protein overload. Everyone thinks the more protein, the better. Unless you are a patient in a burn unit, or in severe injury recovery, that’s not the case. Our kidneys work extra hard to remove the nitrogen from the larger protein unit. Many people who have undergone the notorious “Atkins Diet” have encountered kidney problems. Likewise, many people who consume the notorious Western Diet are encountering kidney problems. Contrary to omnivorous ignorance, vegans and vegetarians get more protein than they need. Unless you are living off of white rice alone, you are not in danger of Kwashiorkor. Kwashiorkor is the protein deficiency of third world countries who survive solely on white rice, resulting in bloated bellies. Even unprocessed, brown rice contains many essential amino acids.

Meat and the environment... well, that’s another entry.

See you in the produce aisle.

1. Shortridge and Shortridge, The Taste of American Place.


  1. Hey, I 'm trying to keep up with my blog. Don't know how well I'll do :o) So, do you write all of the info. that is in your post or are they from articles? In parts of it, it almost seemed like Alton Brown was talking :o) (By the way, this is Debbie...I couldn't figure out how to post a comment for some reason).

  2. Yep, it's all written by yours truly (me). I love to write! They're all my own opinions, observations, and things I've learned through reading, research, or school. Alton Brown, eh?! That's quite a compliment. You've made my month! :)

    You definitely need to keep up with your blog! I always read them.

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