Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Battling Childhood Obesity

It's here! Let's Move! is Michelle Obama's year long, well-researched campaign to fight childhood obesity. This campaign (involving Mrs. Obama, researchers, and pediatricians) is addressing a problem that targets both ends of the political spectrum and everyone in between. Many issues contribute to childhood obesity (and many problems result from it). Children are no longer able to walk to school due to increased societal dangers. There are ways around this issue, but they aren't convenient. The food industry makes a more practical opponent. This is one of the areas the First Lady hopes to address, as indicated in the New York Times:

“The truth is, our kids didn’t do this to themselves,” Mrs. Obama said. “Our kids didn’t choose to make food products with tons of fat and sugar and supersize portions, and then to have those foods marketed to them wherever they turn.”

Food companies are lobbying hard in Washington. Soda taxes were not mentioned for a reason. These big food companies will not go down without a fight. Michelle Obama truly has a battle ahead of her, but she also has a plan and I wish her luck! I don't expect change to occur anytime soon, but this is the most hope I've had in a long time.

See you on the front lines.

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