Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dueling Evils: Part I

Grown not Made is the trade marked phrase on this jar of Heinz 57. I think they reversed that because Made not Grown would be much more accurate. The HFCS alone involves the following controlled enzymatic processes1:

  1. Liquefaction via amylase to produce dextrins
  2. Saccharification via fungal enzymes to produce glucose syrup
  3. Isomerization via glucose isomerase to produce a 42 percent fructose HFCS

Don’t get me wrong. There is a scientifically processed, man-made creation that I will not be caught dead criticizing: microbrew. Not the preservative laden, additive enhanced excuse for a beer such as Budweiser. I’m talking about a decent, craft beer. However, beer comes with a warning label, not an excuse to guzzle it by the gallon. Beer is made from barley, hops, water, and yeast, but the artists do not try to bully us into “drinking our grains.” Instead, they warn us of the potential side effects.

Ketchup manufacturers try to convince us that we are eating our vegetables. In reality, it is sweetened tomato paste. In other words, extra, empty calories in which to dip your greasy french fries. Luckily for me, I hate the taste of ketchup. If you like it, enjoy; I love my occasional chocolate chip cookie. Just do not think you are boosting your antioxidant levels. Now blood glucose levels are a different story... Where is that side effect warning label?

See you at the brewery.

1. Murano, SP. (2003). Understanding Food Science and Technology. Wadsworth.145.

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