Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fast Food Frenzy

I am not a friend of fast food. Unfortunately, this is not a popular opinion. I realize that many people are not going to stop eating at these places; however, I do not expect people to recreationally eat simply because of a “meal deal.” There are plenty of healthy people who occasionally eat fast food without falling into the traps of the .99 cent menu, road sodas, free refills, and super sizing.

If you must fall victim to fast food, treat it as you would any deli, or sandwich shop. Order one entree, eat it, finish your beverage, and leave... empty handed. Many people fall prey to super-sizing their meal, because it is “economically smarter” than ordering the smaller size. Many people order two Jack in the Box tacos for .99 cents when they only feel like eating one. If the food is that cheap, think about its quality. Is it really economically smarter when you will be paying higher prices in health bills?

If you can't choose healthy, at least eat like you normally would; don’t fall for the fattening traps of super-sizing, free refills, and meal deals. They aren’t coincidental. These corporations have spent many hours strategizing and designing these traps to make us bigger, crave more of their food, and buy more of it. Ultimately, the bigger we become, the more valuable we are to them. Don’t refill your soda for the road just because you can.

See you at Panera Bread.

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